Lynching is for amateurs - Klu Klux Klan lynchings by KKK amatures can't compete with Planed Parenthood when it comes to killing blacks in a black genecide by abortion.
The Klan, Sanger & Planed Parenthood
Planned Parenthood kills black babies
Margaret Sanger, Hitler & eugenics
Find abortion clinic locations
Abortion pictures, aborted babies
Planed Parenthood & Tuskegee study
Abortion procedures, partial birth facts
Pictures of surgical abortion tools
Get copies of Lynching, Choice Nazi

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The following abortion videos and slide shows of abortion pictures are shocking. However they do document the truth about abortion and do begin to show how rough abortion procedures are on a woman’s body. Please do not click on the links below unless you are seeking to view sites containing graphic abortion videos and abortion photos. For the pros and cons of using graphic abortion images, click here.

The AbortionNO web project – a FLASH presentation of anti-abortion arguments and abortion photos. (Be sure to click on the square in the lower, right-hand corner.)

Abortion in Progress - a very graphic photo series of an abortion in progress. These pictures let you see the tools of abortion being used and show, in part, the toll that abortion takes on a woman’s body. Women considering abortion should view these photos if they want to know the truth about the risks of abortion.

Silent Scream – a 4-minute video excerpt from this powerful, pro-life video.

Hard Truth - a very graphic abortion video that shows an actual abortion, as well as babies in trash cans and numerous other images of aborted babies. This excellent video and Silent Scream are both available from American Portrait Films.

Click here for more graphic abortion pictures, abortion videos & aborted baby photo posters.


(Credit for the photos herein goes to Priests for Life, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Operation Rescue, Missionaries to the Unborn, and all of those in the pro-life movement who have helped to document the horrors of abortion in pictures by taking photos of aborted babies.)

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